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EP review:We Might Be Alright

   Waxflowers is a up and coming Punk/ Emo band based out of Australia who before the pandemic was playing to sold out hometown shows.  They credit bands like Kisschasy and Jimmy Eat World for a lot of their influences. The five song EP was produced and mix extremely well. With a youthful energetic and simple arrangements to their songs, Waxflowers addresses many issues that teenagers face everyday like in the song “Not Alone”.  “Fake Frown” a teenage brake up song that is probably the heaviest song on the ep. The titaled track “We Might Be Alright” and “Again” are the most radio ready songs with catvchy, sing along lyrics which will appeal to their target audience of the younger teenage fans. I’m sure with their kickoff tour in June the Waxflowers will take Australia by storm. I could definitely see them on a tour like the Vans Warped Tour in the US, there is no doubt in our mind they would be a big hit.



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