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Theory of a Deadman @ the Fillmore Charlotte NC

I’ve never been able to see their live show , I finally got the opportunity to see them at the Fillmore in Charlotte. You really don’t realize how many songs they have on the radio until you see their live show. From the start to the last song, even their new music, were big radio hits. It’s hard to believe they’ve been at it for twelve years. I think their song writing hasn’t changed, rockin’ blues sound, with a little sarcasm and humor mixed in. I’ve been to the Fillmore a lot lately and have never herd the low end pumped out like that, I had to walk up front to check out the PA and saw they had brought their own subs in, along with front of house board. They had the Place rockin’ , I would definitely go see them when they come thru town. It fun watching what guitar Tyler (lead vocals) comes out with next, keep your eyes on them.