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STYX @ The PNC Music Pavillion

Styx may be your parents Rock n Roll but I want to remind you that this is how Rock N Roll is done and thrives for over 45 years still going as strong as ever. I have to confess that I first became a parent while listening to Pieces of Eight (nine months later to be exact). No matter how old you are, the music from Styx not only stands the test of time, but is timeless.
Styx rolled into Charlotte’s PNC Music Pavilion on June 13th along with the tour which included Tesla and Joan Jett. I work at the venue and was unable to watch the opening acts but having a very busy week of shows scheduled this week, I was able to take the night off just in time to visit merch where my favorite merch guy in the world was and put in my order for a new V-neck, ladies cut, cardinal red Styx shirt and then find my seat for their show. I was able to sit in a spot I always enjoy which was directly behind the mix. Our photographer had much closer seats after her time in the Pit to capture some great close up shots.
This iconic group of musicians are guaranteed to put on a cinematic show with dramatic lighting, a theater screen, ramps and risers to showcase every member of the band, and of course the signature rotating keyboard platform where you get a 360 view of Lawrence Gowan’s performance. James Young, Tommy Shaw and Original Bassist of the band, Chuck Panozzo frequented the front of the stage to show a little dramatic flair in the musical performance.
Speaking of Chuck Panozzo, he was one of the original founding members of the band, at the age of 12, he and his brother John as well as a neighborhood friend, Dennis DeYoung. The name changed and the members changed several times but the sound was solidified by the release of Styx II. Grand Illusion was released in 1977 and was considered the “breakthrough” but you can’t deny the success of earlier releases such as the power ballad, Lady or Lorelei.
They opened with a song from 2016’s The Mission called Gone, Gone, Gone. 3 More songs from this Album were played through the night, as well as Lady from Styx II, Light Up from Equinox and their biggest hits from Grand Illusion, Paradise Theater and Pieces of Eight. The 2 song encore included Mr. Roboto from Kilroy and Renegade.
Tommy Shaw told the audience he was stricken with a sore throat and laryngitis, but the healing power of music overcame him and he pressed on. James Young also mentioned Tommy’s inability to talk earlier in the night and said “now he’s singing like a bird”. If they had not said that he was suffering from vocal issues, I don’t think we would have noticed it. His performance was very good. He either genuinely loves what he does or fakes it very well. He and James Young, as well as Lawrence Gowan always look like they are having the time of their lives.
No review of Styx would be complete without noting that the band’s drummer Todd Sucherman. Todd is undoubtedly one of the best drummers in the business. He has been with the band since 1995 and is well known for teaching, seminars and leading many aspiring as well as accomplished drummers to be better at their craft. Todd has his own fan club who come to the show just to see him and the rest of the show is a bonus.
Considering the original roots of this band was literally a garage band, this tour may inspire 12 and 14 year olds to pay attention to their guitar, piano and drum teachers and start a rock band. The future of rock is depending and counting on it!
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Styx @ The PNC