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K-Love Christmas tour 2017

  A good friend of mine (John Merry) of Nickel and Dime Entertainment, contacted me about a show he wanted to cover. He was super stocked about us checking it out. I asked him who it was he said Mac Powell of Third Day. K-Love Radio was having a Christmas music tour and Mac Powell was added to the lineup supporting his Country album, along with The Unspoken and Crowder. Ovens Auditorium was the perfect venue for this event the audio is amazing and the lighting was spectacular.

       K-Love Christmas Tour is a Christian music internet base station that is touring the country and  selling out pretty much anywhere there performing. I think the addition of Mac Powell helped. Growing up in the church and playing in a few praise bands myself I’m very familiar with Third Day which was a big inspiration for bands like Thousand Foot Crutch, Switch Foot and many more band’s you could go on and on.
       The opening band (The Unspoken) was a pleasant surprise, there music was a little pop Christian with a Layton twist, they had a very entertaining stage show and musically very talented, I would like to see them on a tour again.
      Mac Powell was the coheadliner, he was there promoting he solo country music, which if you’re familiar with his vocals it suits him just fine and he said it lets him play venues that Third Day would have never played and opened a whole new audience to his music and ministry. He mixed in Christmas songs with Third Day music mixed in with his new country songs. Talking to some of the fans after the show most of them loved Third Day and really enjoyed his new music and definitely would go see him when he comes back threw Charlotte again.
     The last band was Crowder, a bluegrass style of music with some humor mixed in. They played all your Christmas songs and everybody was singing along. Over all it was an enjoyable evening,  the whole family will be entertained.
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