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Louder than Life 2016

  Louder Than n Life, is one of festivals that we circle on the calendar as a must do. As soon as we got the lineup, it got us even more excited. With headline bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and Slipknot, mixing in bands like The Cult and Cheap Trick. The entire two-day line-up gave the fans decades’ worth of music wrapped up in one weekend
    The layout of the festival grounds was the similar to last year, which is one on reason that makes Louder Then Life Festival one of our favorite of the season. There are plenty of big trees for shade, tons of picnic tables for eating the Gourmet Man food or just sit down and rest. I spent a big part of the weekend this year walking around the park, to really see what the festival has to offer the fans. Our first stop was The Music Experience, because that’s where everyone else was heading. Once inside, I could see why, music instruments everywhere. Talking with some of the people in the tent, I asked them what they thought about the Music Experience, most of them loved that you could come in and demo the music gear, talk to the manufacture reps and lots of free stuff. A lot of fans said that the tent could be bigger. Definitely worth a stop into The Music Experience.
    Next we made our way down the long row of vendor tents, anything from jewelry, masks, old metal rock tee shirts, to Zippo lighters, free stuff, like cigarette and cigars, and even the Marines where holding pull up challenges. When you get to the end of the vendor tents you’ll find the third stage, which last year they had two stages main stage and third main and then the Jägermeister stage so if it’s the only thing that the people we talked to that comes every year said that they would charge about the festival was to add back the fourth stage. They said because the two main stages had such an amazing line-up of bands that they didn’t want to miss and the third stage also had great bands playing at the same time it made it hard to leave your spot at the main stages and walk down to the other end of the field. Last year with the Jägermeister stage and the third main stage it gave people more of a reason to walk away from the main stages.
    By now we were getting hungry, so we thought it was time to check out the Gourmet Man Food. There was mass virility of food to choose from and not your typical carnival treats but real food. Asking some of the festival fans what we should try they said you really can’t go wrong with anything here. I had a gourmet grilled cheese that was amazing, the rest of us tried the Island Noodles also amazing.
   We finally made our way the bourbon tents, which is one of the themes of the Louder Than  Life Festival, since it’s held in in Kentucky. You could spend a good part of your day in there. With a old time saloon feel to it a plenty of local and regional bourbon to sample and a decent view of the main stages it was hard to move along from here.