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I See Stars @ Amos’ Southend


             We went to Amos’ Southend Saturday night to see Asking Alexandra with Danny back in the lineup. With a sold-out show, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Amos that packed before. With five opening bands, After the Burial, Upon a Burning Body Bad Omens and Born Osiris. There was one band that stood out above all of them, I See Stars.

         A very high energy, that totally filled the stage and spilled out into the crowd. Lead singer (Devin Oliver) defiantly had a way of engaging the audience, with his infectious smile and clean crisp vocals, it wasn’t hard to see that he loved what he was doing. The entire band had a youthful energy and excitement to them, that showed threw on stage.

       After the first three opening heavy, in your face, screaming bands. I See Stars was a pleasant surprise; their songs were catchy you could sing along with. A bigger stage is defiantly need for their live performance, the only one in the band that wasn’t running around on stage was the keyboard player. If the drummer could pick up the drums and run around he would have. The band had the hole sold out crowd revved up, crowd surfing and hands in the air. I asked some of the fans in the audience if they had seen I See Stars before a few had seen them at Vans warped tour, most had herd of them but have never saw them live.

    Everyone I talked to loved the band and would defiantly go see I See Stars again, as would I. In a lineup that didn’t have bands that have their style of music. They stood out and had one of the best performances of the night. Defiantly go and  see I See Stars next time their playing near you, it doesn’t matter of the lineup their with you will be entertained.                          



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