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Geoff Tate @ Neighborhood Theater

Just giving a little background on Geoff Tate. He is an American singer and songwriter. Tate was the former singer of Queensryche. Tate is ranked fourteenth on Hit Parader’s list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All time.

The time has come for Geoff Tate to take the stage. The crowd was on their feet waiting in anticipation of what was getting ready to happen. The lights go down, the band comes out and then you hear Tate singing “Empire” followed by “Another Rainy Night”. I wasn’t expecting that. Those are 2 of my favorite songs and I’m trying to concentrate on taking pictures. I couldn’t believe it, straight out the gate he’s killing it. That same extraordinary voice still exists, just like it did at the beginning of his career. Tate was wearing a black fedora, sparkling black dinner jacket with a red handkerchief, and black pants with silver buttons up the side.

This was a SOLD-OUT show and that’s due to Tate and his amazing vocals. The venue is an old theater. They had seating down the middle of the venue and up on the balcony, general admission was along the sides of the seats. I don’t think there was anyone sitting by the end of the show.

Tate took us on a journey throughout the years as he performed hits from his catalog of music. Hits like “Jet City Woman”, “Silent Lucidity” “Best I Can” and so on. Helping him pull this off was the opening act The Ravens as they pulled double duty tonight. The audience remained engaged all night, there were times where they sang louder than Tate. The night winds down. Tate has played for two hours, and the audience is still not ready for him to quit. Tate does an encore and plays “The Chase” and “Queen of the Ryche” to end the night.

If you have never seen Geoff Tate perform you have to put this on your list. You will not be disappointed. The man’s voice is like no other.