We were not asked to review this cd but I so impressed with it I had to shear my opinion. Has anyone ever gave you a CD to listen to and you kept waiting to skip a song to get to a better on and it keeps playing until it starts over again and you haven’t heard a bad song and you keep listening just because it’s that good well that’s how I felt about Beyond the Fades “ Welcome to The Pain”. I’m a big fan of Octane on SiriusXm and can here several of the song on their channel, starting with the title track “Welcome to the Pain” that sets tone for the whole album, it has songs that are hard driving in your face, to the emotional songs like “Angel” and “12 steps”.

     Lyrically this is a well written CD and the production is topnotch. It is strait forward Rock and Roll album that makes you listen to what they have to say. With this diverse collection of songs this has to be one of my favorite CD’s to Liston to. Musically I could go on and on about how the mix that was mastered perfectly, the guitars are powerful with tasteful, smooth leads. Drums that have impressive foot work and grooving licks.

    You can tell that Beyond The Fade had put time and energy into this album and it paid off. If you a music fan and enjoy a CD that has more the just one hit then” Welcome To The Pain” is right up your alley.