Featured CD Review Clutch “book Of Bad Decisions”

Standing the test of time Clutch has been rocking out for 25 years and compiling millions of loyal fans along the way. Just releasing their latest CD “Book of Bad Decisions” Produced by Vance Powell at Sputnik Sound in Nashville TN and released via their own label Weathermaker.

    Having reviewed Clutch’s CD’s before “Book of Bad Decisions” is a step away from their normal sound.  The unmistakable power vocals of Neil Fallon are filled with of soul and passion, the rest of recording has an old school sound to it. From the Black Sabbath grungy tone guitar to the horn filled song like “In Walks Barbarella”. The songs a very well written with blues inspired story telling lyrics and a little southern rock mixed in. It will take the die hard fan a second listen to really appreciate it because there’s a lot going on with CD. Producer Vance Powell defiantly payed attention to all the little details just like the cow bell in “Hot Bottom Feeder”. Over all the CD is very well mixed down and you will want to listen to it with head phones on. “Lorelei” is by fare my favorite song but they all interesting stories to tell. Defiantly give this CD a chance it took me a second listen but its well worth it even if you not a “Clutch” fan I think “Book of Bad Decisions” will grow on you, it did us.

CD Review Deuce “Invncible”

Another great album we have had the pleasure to review here at Charlotte Rock Review.
Every track on the album has it's own melodic sound. I feel like each track tells
it's own story. The things that stick the most to me is that they found a way to
record songs that seem to be things I've heard before. Sean Combs and Notorious
B.I.G. used this method in the 90's with great success. Track three "Bitch This Is It"
brings out the child in me. The base of the song has a children's lullaby feel to it.
Probably my favorite track on the album. As far as Duece being a former member of
Hollywood Undead, you can hear it. I'd compare Duece to Phil Collins. Phil Collins
is and was Genesis. To me Duece is and was Hollywoord Undead. Buy the new album.
Everything from rock, to hip hop to old school R&B.

- Rev
Charlotte Rock Review


   We were not asked to review this cd but I so impressed with it I had to shear my opinion. Has anyone ever gave you a CD to listen to and you kept waiting to skip a song to get to a better on and it keeps playing until it starts over again and you haven’t heard a bad song and you keep listening just because it’s that good well that’s how I felt about Beyond the Fades “ Welcome to The Pain”. I’m a big fan of Octane on SiriusXm and can here several of the song on their channel, starting with the title track “Welcome to the Pain” that sets tone for the whole album, it has songs that are hard driving in your face, to the emotional songs like “Angel” and “12 steps”.

     Lyrically this is a well written CD and the production is topnotch. It is strait forward Rock and Roll album that makes you listen to what they have to say. With this diverse collection of songs this has to be one of my favorite CD’s to Liston to. Musically I could go on and on about how the mix that was mastered perfectly, the guitars are powerful with tasteful, smooth leads. Drums that have impressive foot work and grooving licks.

    You can tell that Beyond The Fade had put time and energy into this album and it paid off. If you a music fan and enjoy a CD that has more the just one hit then” Welcome To The Pain” is right up your alley.

Somthing Clever CD Review


      I came into this album without ever having heard of Something Clever. The intro song(Snake Oil) kicks it off hard and heavy and serves as a good introduction to what's in store for the rest of the experience. As soon as I heard the band come in I liked what I heard and felt like it was going to be a solid record. 

    As I listened track by track I realized this album had everything a good album needs. The band covered all their bases even including an instrumental(Daybreak) and the "must have" ballad(Drown). The sound was very balanced and the levels seemed very well mixed. Getting more into the musical aspect, I really enjoyed the fair mix of roaring riffs with intense drums and melodic embellishments from the guitars. 

Lyrically they did not fall short either. Good content that really carries the emotion.

Vocals were great all around and really stand out well in the mix. 

After several times listening through to the full album I find it hard to narrow down any favorites. All the tracks are just that good, but at least to steer you in the right direction I'd say check out "A Loss For Words" and "Your Gone".

     Overall this is a very complete rock record with a great quality production. I would definitely recommend you check it out, you'll surely find a few tracks to your liking. I have gained another band to keep in my musical rotation and will be keeping my ears open for more to come from Something Clever.

       Reviewed By Josue Olea

Shallow Side CD Review

   The first song on Shallow Side’s EP titled One, is called “We Roll” which is appropriate since there based in Alabama. I’m sure this song will be a big hit with the Crimson Tide. “Renegade” the Styx cover defiantly hit the mark, Shallow Side’s version did not stray to far from the original, but put their own modern twist on it, I’ve already herd it on SiriusXm’s Octane and every one I’ve talked to seems to really like it.
   The EP is very well produced the Lead vocals are very smooth and blinded well with powerful harmony’s and background vocals that makes their music stand out. The drums and bass are perfectly placed in the mix. I would like to hear the guitar brought up in some parts of the mix in a few songs it gets a little lost. I’m sure when they go back to finish the full LP things will get tweaked a little.
     “Rebel” and “Fight or Flight” are probably my favorites. “Can You Hear Me” is the most commercial of the EP and has a county/rock sound which should broaden their listening audience as well as “Renegade” will. Defiantly can’t wait for the complete LP to drop.
     Shallow Side has been playing around the Charlotte area for several years. We always make sure to get out to see them whenever they do. I’m glad to see people are finely taking notice of them. They are one of my favorite bands to see live. Their full of emotion and energy and their hard work is paying off and they have a EP they can be proud of.

01-13-17 in Cullman, AL at Cullman Civic Center (CD Release Show & Kick Off)
02-01-17 in Knoxville, TN at The Open Chord
02-02-17 in Johnson City, TN at The Hideaway
02-03-17 in Spartanburg, SC at Ground Zero
02-04-17 in Jasper, AL at Jars 64
02-08-17 in St Louis, MO at The Firebird
02-10-17 in Junction City, KS at The Devils Tail
02-11-17 in Omaha, NE at Shamrocks Pub
02-12-17 in O'Neil, NE at The Chesterfield West
02-13-17 in Sioux Falls, SD at Bigs Bar
02-15-17 in Colorado Springs, CO at Sunshine Studios
02-17-17 in Las Vegas, NV at Radio Contraband Convention (performing awards night - private)
02-19-17 in Scottsdale, AZ at Rock Bar
04-29-17 in Las Vegas, NV at M Resort Spa Casino (Rock Into Spring)
05-27-17 in Madison, WI at Alliant Energy Center (Bratfest)