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Welcome To Rockville 2017

It’s my favorite time of the year, the kick off of the festival season and it starts with Welcome to Rockville. If you are a fan of the 80’s hairband music or the 90’s grunge bands this year’s line-up has the biggest bands of both eras Def Leppard of the 80’s and Soundgarden of the 90’s all mixed in with some of the top bands of today’s music seen.
The weather was perfect for Florida this time of year not to hot and no rain, the popularity of this festival is getting bigger every year and has become one of our favorites. They drooped the stages down from four to three, which we didn’t think that was a bad thing, it staged the bands out making it easier to get to each stage to see all the awesome bands. Kicking off Saturday with Badflower and Goodbye June two new fast upcoming bands and topping off the night with A Perfect Circle and Soundgarden. Sunday started out with Kyng and Rival Sons. The whole day was packed with top bands like Nothing More, In This Moment, PapaRoach rapping it up with Chevelle and Def Leppard, what an outstanding weekend.

The set up wasn’t much different than last year, which to me is very fan friendly with easy access to the beer and food venders were located all around the festival grounds, there was never long lines and a huge verity of food to choose from like island noodles a crowd favorite, mutable BBQ’s, brick oven pizzas and even a gourmet grilled cheese.
A lot of the bands introduced us to some of their new music trying it out on the first festival of the year. Most of the bands picked up where they left off last year with some grate music to come, we can’t wait. The production sounded crisp and clear not over powering. With side stage, visual display screens made every seat the best seat in the house. All the bands went on like clockwork making easy to get to each stage not missing your favorite band. The crowed was a little laid back at the first part of the weekend but as the festival went on the waterfall of crowed surfers got going but in most part, everybody was pleasant and fun to be around.
I want to thank Welcome to Rockville and Danny Wimmer Presents for another highly entertaining and successful kick off to the 2017 summer festivals, defiantly catch one of the DWP music festivals coming near you.