Sydney Sherwood

Sydney Sherwood

        Track List:
1. Wolves
2. Let Me Down
3. Creep
4. Born to Roll
5. Horizon’s Edge
6. All The Aces

EP Review: Headspace

   When I first turned-on Sydney’s soon to be released EP, I was taken back by her beautiful, sultry voice which made me want to listen to it even more. Her vocals remind me of Dorothy Martin of the band Dorothy which I am a big fan of.

   The first song “Wolves” starts out with a Mideastern feel to it then brakes into a choppy, toe tapping riff. The band was mixed a little muddy and could have been trimmed down a little. I felt it ran to long other than that, it was an exceptionally good song.

  “Let Me Down” is probably my least favorite song on the EP not that it is a bad song. Beautifully written but it has a modern country feel to it with a retro 80’s beat.

   “Creep” I can defiantly see why this is the first song to be released. Extraordinarily strong song that shows off her vocal talent. I played it a few times just because I liked it. I just wish the video showed her and the band playing and not just a lyric video only, so people can get a feel for how the band performs.

  “Born To Roll” had a bluesy country feel to it and other then the key board lead in it, I liked the song.

  “Horizons Edge” is an emotionally driven ballad that had incredibly good transitions throughout it from acoustic to power. I defiantly liked it.

All The Aces” is by far my favorite song on the EP. I love the groove and heavy beat and the slide guitar, and her bluesy vocals makes it a big hit.

  Overall a great debut EP Headspace showcases Sydney’s song writing and vocal talent.  I am looking forward to seeing her live performance. I’m sure she will knock it out of the park.


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Official Lyric Video "Creep"

January 13, 2021 – New Jersey based Singer / Songwriter SYDNEY SHERWOOD has released the official lyric video for “Creep,” which was created by Jared Dylan of Red 13 Studios, and is the first single off of her upcoming, sophomore EP, Headspace. Produced and co-written by Brian Craddock, guitarist of Daughtry and owner of The Cat Room Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Headspace is due to release on February 27, 2021.

    “Being someone that has struggled with anxiety, when it came to writing ‘Creep,’ I really wanted to give an inside look on what anxiety feels like, the emotions you experience while in a panic attack, and the idea that the same mind that thinks of the beauty of life is also the one that thinks negative thoughts which can really drag you down. I found in my experience that some people didn’t understand what it was like to have anxiety and would just tell me to “be positive” or “just don’t think about it” and I wished they understood or could feel what was going on inside. My main goal with this song was to illustrate the war that goes on in your head when you have anxiety as well as how you can either choose to let fear overcome you or you can overcome that fear. – SYDNEY SHERWOOD

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