I came into this album without ever having heard of Something Clever. The intro song(Snake Oil) kicks it off hard and heavy and serves as a good introduction to what’s in store for the rest of the experience. As soon as I heard the band come in I liked what I heard and felt like it was going to be a solid record. 

    As I listened track by track I realized this album had everything a good album needs. The band covered all their bases even including an instrumental(Daybreak) and the “must have” ballad(Drown). The sound was very balanced and the levels seemed very well mixed. Getting more into the musical aspect, I really enjoyed the fair mix of roaring riffs with intense drums and melodic embellishments from the guitars. 

Lyrically they did not fall short either. Good content that really carries the emotion.

Vocals were great all around and really stand out well in the mix. 

After several times listening through to the full album I find it hard to narrow down any favorites. All the tracks are just that good, but at least to steer you in the right direction I’d say check out “A Loss For Words” and “Your Gone”.

     Overall this is a very complete rock record with a great quality production. I would definitely recommend you check it out, you’ll surely find a few tracks to your liking. I have gained another band to keep in my musical rotation and will be keeping my ears open for more to come from Something Clever.

       Reviewed By Josue Olea