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Shinedown @ Greensboro Coliseum Complex

This was one amazing tour with 3 great bands.  Diamante, The Pretty Reckless and Shinedown.  Diamante is out on the road supporting her new album (American Dream) and The Pretty Reckless is playing material off there album (Death by Rock and Roll).    

   Shinedown was running a little behind on their start time.  They started off showing video of the band and some behind the scenes footage on a large LED screen placed behind the drums. The video plays for 3 min or so then the two screens started opening, the band appeared as they start walking out to the front of the stage.  Bret Smith dressed in a black jump suit, Zack Myers in a greenish/blue jumpsuit, Eric Bass in a white jumpsuit and Barry Kerch in a burgundy suit. The stage has a big, long catwalk.  All 4 members stand at the front of the stage just to say Hello to their fans.

They start playing (The Saints of Violence and Innuendo) and right off the bat pyro’s start shooting off from the back of stage. What a way to start the show.  As the band keeps playing Bret comes to the front of the stage and strikes a pose while the stage is lit up with fire shooting out everywhere.    How they can stand by the fire is beyond me.  I’m up front of stage trying to get my pictures and I could feel my skin burning.

 These guys work hard and give it their all to put on the best show possible.  They brought all the fire power of pyrotechnics to large production screens, lighting trusses that moved around through the show and laser lights.  Multiple vocal mic locations were placed along the stage for Eric and Zach so they could run around and play to the crowd.  The band and Bret have grown so much since the first time I saw them.  Bret has always been a great frontman and always good at making sure the audience participates and interacts with him and the band.

As the night moves on Bret ask the audience if they brought there singing voices and then goes into (45) the lights change to a blue tone and all you can here is everyone singing as the lights flash to the beat of the drums. The song ended as Bret walks to the front of the stage asking the crowd if they have heard the album (Attention Attention) and goes on to talk about the album and who is it inspired by, the engineer, the mixer and the producer who is Eric Bass that is playing the piano while Bret is giving the audience an inspirational talk and goes into (Get Up). 

The band’s new album (Planet Zero) is due out July 1st, and they gave us a sneak peak of what’s to come by playing us the official 2nd signal off the album, but Bret had a request for everyone to hold your cell phones and lighters up and to show them what the stars look like in North Carolina.  The song was very inspirational and powerful.  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.  As the night goes on the band plays (Cut the Cord, Freedom, and Second Chance). Things are winding down as the band plays (Wheels) to pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins drummer of Foo Fighter.  What an evening it has been.

From my point of view tonight was incredible, inspirational, and motivating.  Bret Smith is an amazing frontman and cares about his fans.  The band put on a superior show.  To all the crew that helps make things happen you did a remarkable job.


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