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Queensrÿche @ The UnderGround

     What can I say?  It was one amazing night.  Pulling up to the venue I notice the guys in the band are outside in the parking lot, playing around on skate boards.  Getting there play time in before the real work begins.   As the time gets closer for the doors to open. The people started lining up around the building and all the way down the sidewalk for the sold-out show.  It was great to see parents bring their kids.

     “Queensrÿche” has been around forever and is one of my favorite bands.  Todd La Torre vocals will never disappoint.   Now, it’s that time we have eagerly been waiting for.  The band made their way to the stage and started playing “Prophecy”, which was released back in 1983 then followed by “Operation Mind crime”, released in 1988. The audience was responding by singing the songs word for word.  The stage is set with video screens on both sides and one below the drum riser which has the band logo on it.  The band played hits off their albums like Operation Mind crime and Verdict which was there 15th studio album.   “Torre” has no problem covering the high-pitched songs like “Queen of the Rÿche” and “Take Hold of The Flame”.  He absolutely killed it.  As the songs where played the screens projected images related to each song.   At times all you could hear is the crowd singing.  Later in the set they played songs like “Silent Lucidity” and “Jet City Woman”, which is one of my favorites.  As the night winds down the band does a 4-song encore ending it with “Eyes of a Stranger”.  All I can say was WOW. To sum it up, this was one incredible show, a must see.