Pink @ The Spectrum Center

Pink @ The Spectrum Center

    It was a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon. We headed out to downtown Charlotte in anticipation of a long rain-soaked line of people, much to our surprise we arrived early enough there was no lines and the rain had slowed to a mist. We made our way to the box office only to find it wasn’t going to open for a couple of hours, giving us time to get a quick meal at Mortimer’s Café and Pub located just across the street at the Epicenter.  Meanwhile waiting for the box office to open we were talking to people trying to get tickets, some of them had traveled from all over to come see PINK. The lines were starting to build up of fans growing more anxious and excited as time got closer for the doors to open.

     Once in The Spectrum Center I got a sneak peek of the guitar pick shaped stage and the massive pink curtain covering the stage hiding the show to come. The fans are now making their way into the stadium looking for their seats with the help of the friendly and courteous isle ushers. Filling up quickly, with fans of all walks of life, from the young to the old and some of them even dressing up in fun and crazy costumes. Kicking the party off was DJ Kidcutup with his fun mixes he got the crowd singing along and dancing in the isles. With the one opening band, singer/songwriter Julia Michaels performing some of the songs she had written for other big stars as well as her top 11 song “Issues”.  Then DJ Kidcutup returned to the stage to finish warming up the fans.

       The lights go out and a guy appears on stage playing a kazoo to the tune of 20th Century Fox.  Its finally that time.  The curtain falls and the crowd goes wild, then boom Pink comes out swinging from a quadruple sized chandelier singing her big hit song “GET THE PARTY STARTED”.  It was spectacular, everyone’s on their feet jumping and singing along.  Twisting and turning doing stunts that only she could do swinging from a chandelier.  It was breath taking.  The choreographic of all the scenes were on point.  Pink exercised her aerobic moves thru out the show showing off her gymnastics abilities.   Pink also sang a few cover tunes ones from Gwen Stefani’s “ I’m just a girl” and another one from the grunge rock band Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. As the show goes on Pink stop to share an inspirational story about her daughter and how to just be yourself.

        This was the most entertaining 2 hours I’ve been given in a very long time. The set and light show was spectacular, with an enormous screen and some stellar graphic videos playing setting the mood for each seen. The musicians and dancers were top notch and well-rehearsed. When she brought the band up front with the string section it was a nice change of pace. Over all it was one of the best musical production we have seen in a long time and well worth every minute.

As the show whines down, Pink comes to the front of the stage getting prepared to be a human slingshot.   Off she goes flying around the arena slow and fast, high and low, from the stage to the rafters and the upper deck. Waving at all the people through out the arena giving fans the experience of a life time.   This was breathtaking and something you will never forget. Charlotte Rock Review totally recommends you go see PINK as soon as she comes to a town near you. We promise you won’t ever forget it.