Papa Roach @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre

Papa Roach @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre

    Getting prepared for the show tonight.  I head out a little early thinking it’s a Sunday and I shouldn’t have a problem finding a good parking spot.  Once I arrive, I notice there are already a lot of people here.  I guess they all had the same idea as me.  Everyone’s just hanging out and getting a bite to eat before its time for the doors to open.  It’s a little overcast and some drizzle is falling but the sky’s look like there clearing up so tonight should be good to go.

   It’s time to head to the photo pit for the first band “Bad Wolves”.  They came out with so much energy playing “Learn to Live”. They got the crowd on their feet and moving.  As the set went on, the band played “Hear and Now” which is their recent single.  The crowd was loving it as they sang along.   Then they played “Officer Down”.  As the band ended the set with the cover song “Zombie”. They had set the bar high for the headliners to follow.  The band was extremely full of energy so when you get a chance to see them, they will not disappoint.

   Now it’s “Asking Alexandria” and the crowd is anxiously awaiting “Danny Worsnop” to hit the stage.  He comes out dressed in a brown checkered suit with yellow sunglasses looking like he just stepped out of the” GQ Magazine.”  Right off the bat he plays one of his newest songs “The Violence”.  I absolutely love this song and apparently so does the crowd.  The energy the band has is amazing. “Danny” is all over the stage running and jumping.  The band started playing another one of their new songs “Vultures” which in my opinion is a great song.  This song has so much emotion and energy behind it.  As it’s time to wind down the band plays their last song “Alone in A Room”.    “Danny” gave it 110% tonight.  He sounded great and gave the fans more than they could ask for.   I will always go see “Asking Alexandria” wherever they play.

   Now the real party begins. “Papa Roach” comes out pumped and ready to rock, playing “Who Do You Trust”.  This is there tenth studio album.   The 12th song disc which is one of the most electric of the bands career. The crowd is on their feet jumping around and loving it.  The band keeps up the energy, playing some of there biggest hits early in the set, continuing with “Murder” and “American Dreams” with a special shout out to former and current members of the military thanking them for years of support.  Then they play “Elevate”. That’s when “Jacoby” decided to jump out in the crowd and sing along with everyone.  The fans were loving it especially me.  “Jacoby” went up to the lawn area then back down and right to my seat as he jumps on top of the seats walking to the middle of the row giving everyone a high five along the way.  It’s good to see and artist interacting with the fans in that way.   As the night goes on, he stopped to tell the crowd how great they are and how much he appreciates us and his family who had been with him on the road.  He really is a man that loves his family and truly cares for others.  He’s one heck of a front man who acknowledges, engages and feeds off the crowd.   The band plays their encore “Firestarter” in honor of front man “Keith Flint” who has passed away.  They finished it out with “Last Resort”.  “Papa Roach” brought the energy and kept it up all throughout the show.  This is a tour you do not want to miss.

Papa Roach
Asking Alexandra
Bad Wolves