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Tickets to My Downfall Fall 2021 Tour - Charlotte Credit Metro Union Amphitheater 10/27/21

   Wednesday’s night show was sold out.  Arriving early and excited about the show.  The weather was a bit chilly but still nice.   It was the last show for the season.  People we’re arriving early making sure they had plenty of time to get checked in and seated.

    Machine Gun Kelly came out of nowhere on top of a fifteen-foot RXX prescription bottle playing “Title Track “with his pink guitar and a cigarette stuck between the strings.  Fog rolling out from the floor there was so much I couldn’t even see him.  The crowd was roaring in delight.    As the song ended and he was lowered down from the RXX bottle he told the crowd (open it up Charlotte) and sang “Kiss Kiss”.  As the night went on, he had several wardrobe changes.  At one point of the show, he spotted this guy in the crowd and loved what he was wearing and took the video camera for the camera guy and was using it to video the guy so everyone could see him on the large screen from the stage.  The crowd loved it; they could see the guy and all see their selves.    As the show continued, he took pauses during the show to talk to the crown and even did a drunk test on his self.  Overall, the night was great, the crowd singing word for word and even at one-point MGK quit singing and the crowd finished out and sang the rest of the song.  A large white skull with horns appears in the middle of the stage then it starts rotating and there is MGK singing “Misery Business”.    The production on this tour was great, the stage decorated with large RXX pill bottles, the drums nestled in a bowl, large video screens playing videos along with the songs and yes also some pyro. 

Overall, the night was great and MGK put on a show that Charlotte will be talking about for a long time.



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