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CD Reveiw: "Dirty Damn Tricks"

When we found out that L.A. Maybe was from our neck of the woods made it even more exciting to do the CD review. As you read their bio, you find out that lead singer Alvi Robinson auditioned for the legendary band AC/DC, when you listen to the first song on the CD “Mr. Danger.” It becomes very apparent why the entire song has AC/DC written all over it. As you get to the next song “Sucker Punch” they start to remind me of another southern hard-hitting rock and roll band named Jackyl, if you follow us you should know we are great friends with them.

   You can unquestionably here a mix of multiple influences in their song writing. A little southern style in the guitar riffs. These two songs “Take Me Away” and “Fake” I hear some Aerosmith and I can definitely make out the big late 80’s influences.

    Each track on the CD all has their own style and are written very well. If you put on the album Dirty Damn Trick, try to listen to them objectively and not compare them to AC/DC or Jackyl but as a new up and coming rock and roll band.  I think they will put their own stamp on it.

  Now that we know that L.A. Maybe performs around the Carolinas, Charlotte Rock Review will go catch one of their shows and we will make sure to let everyone know how they do.

Official Music Video for "Mr. Danger"

January 25, 2021 – Carolinas based heavy rock band THE LA MAYBE–fronted by lead singer Alvi Robinson, made famous when he was nearly selected to front the legendary band AC/DC in 2016–have released the official music video for their debut single, “Mr. Danger,” originally showcased on Metal Insider. Directed by Ridge Beck, “Mr. Danger” is the band’s first single off of their upcoming, freshman album, Dirty Damn Tricks, due out March 26, 2021.

“Mr. Danger is our ode to living fast and loose. As our debut single, it serves as a call to arms for rock n’ roll fans everywhere to stand up, get loud, and to never let the genre die without a hell of a fight.” – THE LA MAYBE

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    The L.A. Maybe is a 6-piece rock n’ roll band hailing from the southern heat of the Carolinas. If you’re a fan of Guns N’ Roses, The Black Crowes, or Van Halen…you will feel right at home adding LAM to your record collection. Lead vocalist Alvi Robinson (who was one of only four singers to audition to replace Brian Johnson in AC/DC in 2016) lays down gritty, passionate vocals while the rest of the band back him up with slithering riffs, huge catchy hooks, and ripping guitar solos. LAM firmly plants its feet at the very forefront of the New Wave of Classic Rock movement and you’re sure to have at least one of their choruses stuck in your head at any given moment. Drawing influence from nearly every style of music, The L.A. Maybe put on an electrifying live show and stand for everything you love about rock music, old and new.

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