Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire

Amorphous Tracklisting:

  1. Brittle (Prelude)
  2. Brittle
  3. Curse or Cure
  4. Enemies
  5. Panic Attacks
  6. Seeds
  7. Thirteen (Interlude)
  8. Background Sad
  9. Last One Standing
  10. Waste My Hate
  11. Impossibles & Obstacles (Interlude)
  12. Sticks And Stones
  13. Warrior
  14. Only Be A Story

   I would like to start this review out from the opinion of someone who has a long background in studio engineering.  I have to say that this album is very well mixed and produced and that got my attention right off the bat.  The songs are arranged with great detail.

    When you first listen to Amorphous you get the impression that this is a top 40 album, with a hint of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake beets, but as you listen deeper you can feel Ariel Bloomer’s emotional, I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore lyrics. The songs are written with power, confidence and a little anger like the latest release “Waste My Hate”.

   “Enemies” is right to the point and defiant, challenging you to stand up for yourself. As you listen on you can tell there was nothing that was held back lyrically and written with passion and conviction. “Last One Standing” is more old school Icon For Hire and is by far the heaviest song on the album. “Waste My Hate” has one of the strongest messages and really features the guitar playing of Shawn Jump.

  I have seen Icon for Hire live performances before and they always have a high energy entertaining show. I’m sure that with the new attitude of the music they’re itching to get out and play and showcase Amorphous. Make sure you put them on top of your list to check them out.


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Unveil New Single

“Waste My Hate”

Taken From Upcoming Album Amorphous

New Album Out 2/19 independently, in partnership w/Kartel Music Group

Listen to “Last One Standing” Here

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Nashville, TN – January 26, 2021 – Today modern-rock giants Icon For Hire unveil “Waste My Hate” the final single taken from upcoming album Amorphous, due February 19th.      

   Since forming in 2007, Icon For Hire (composed of singer Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump) have quietly amassed a legion of followers. With 10s of millions of streams and over 600,000 followers across social platforms, Icon For Hire are the sleeping giants of the modern rock scene, and are now ready to step into the forefront with new album Amorphous.   

   For fans of Twenty One Pilots & PVRIS, Icon For Hire’s sound is one that effortlessly blends heavy riffs, elements of electronic production and soaring vocal lines into a powerful & bold sonic explosion. But at the heart of Icon For Hire’s music is a message of positivity, self-love and personal empowerment from the painfully relatable and rousing lyrics of Ariel.

    New single “Waste My Hate” follows on from Last One Standing,” that premiered via Rock Sound earlier this year, and is the final taste of music before the band’s upcoming album Amorphous is released on Feb 19th. “Waste My Hate” is more a continuation of Icon For Hire’s now signature sound, heavy riffs and empowering lyrics written to not only inspire the listener, but challenge the status quo of the rock genre.   

’Waste My Hate’ was born from a feeling of unrest- it’s a reminder to stand your ground, fight for what you believe in, and not get sucked into the bullshit along the way,” says Ariel. “Musically, Shawn had fun creating the catchy blues guitar lick for the base of the track, which we coupled with a punchy guitar solo as well as a sing along chorus. It’s a fun, defiant fight song that we hope helps ward off some of the negativity that the world has been feeling as of late!

   For Amorphous the band worked with Grammy Nominated engineer Romesh Dodangoda (known for his previous work producing the last Bring Me The Horizon album as well as acts such as Don Broco, Busted, and Kids in Glass Houses).         

   The album has been completely funded by fans through Kickstarter on a campaign that raised over $200,000—making it one of the year’s highest-raising music campaigns. This success was achieved thanks to the bands highly dedicated fanbase that support them on Patreon and have been there for the band though thick, thin, litigation, addiction and more.

  Having overcome both personal and professional adversity, Icon For Hire are living proof that you can take control of your life—and that’s perhaps the greatest success anyone can hope to accomplish.

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