I had just seen Clutch at Amos’ Southend so they were fresh in my mind. I put on my headphones and set down to give their new album a listen. I really wish I had listen to it before I saw them live so I would have got a chance to know the new songs beforehand.

The songs are very well written and arranged. With a heavy southern rock sound and especially the guitar leads. The overall mix was good, the drums and bass guitar were outstanding loved that I could hear the snare. The vocals were very clear powerful but after hearing the songs in their live performance, I think they lost some of Neil’s intensity. The emotion he has on stage wasn’t matched in the album.

Psychic Warfare is definitely one you want to add to your play list and must have if you’re a Clutch fan. I went back and listened to it several times and each time I heard something new. You can tell they put a lot of time writing the songs, with a good store throughout the whole album. Great album even better live performances.

Album available on ITunes and Amazon where it debuted #1rock album.

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