Another great album we have had the pleasure to review here at Charlotte Rock Review.
Every track on the album has it’s own melodic sound. I feel like each track tells
it’s own story. The things that stick the most to me is that they found a way to
record songs that seem to be things I’ve heard before. Sean Combs and Notorious
B.I.G. used this method in the 90’s with great success. Track three “Bitch This Is It”
brings out the child in me. The base of the song has a children’s lullaby feel to it.
Probably my favorite track on the album. As far as Duece being a former member of
Hollywood Undead, you can hear it. I’d compare Duece to Phil Collins. Phil Collins
is and was Genesis. To me Duece is and was Hollywoord Undead. Buy the new album.
Everything from rock, to hip hop to old school R&B.

– Rev
Charlotte Rock Review