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Amorphis at Neighborhood Theater

Just a little history on Amorphis, their a Finnish heavy metal band founded in 1990.  They are progress, melodic and doom – death metal.  The band is out on tour to support their 14th studio album Halo.  I got the opportunity to catch them at The Neighborhood Theater on a Tuesday night.

The night started off with 3 supporting acts.  It’s time for Amorphis to hit the stage.  The lights go down as the band approaches the stage.  It’s a six-piece band along with a keyboard player.  I was very impressed.  Never thought I would see a keyboard player playing metal music. I wasn’t sure what I was in for.  As their album cover hangs from the backdrop behind the drums.  The drummer and keyboard player are set up on a riser located in the back of the stage as the rest of the band is up front.  (Northwards) was the first track off the Halo album they played as the lights change colors with every drumbeat.  The light /light beam show was spectacular. As the night moves on the crowd starts a little mosh pit. Tomi is always interacting with the crowd lifting his mic stand in the air to get them going. All in all, the night was good. They played 10 songs and ended with (The Bee) and (House of Sleep).