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AJR @ PNC Music Pavilion

ARJ The Ok Orchestra Tour

OK OK OK OK.  What a way to open a show.  While the fans wait with anticipation for the show to start, there is a huge led screen lit up with a red button that says (DO NOT PUSH).  The crowd starts chanting push the button, push the button.  The lights go down and all the screens come on with the word OK and a face starts talking to the crowd.  I was very impressed with what I saw, and the show was just getting started.


The OK Orchestra show was the most extravagant production the group has produced.  The group is very theatrical.  Jumping around getting the audience engaged.  Flashing lights, confetti cannons, it was like being at a play.

Vocalist Jack Met comes out with his fuzzy winter hat on and a white t-shirt introducing his self. He has also brought along Chris Berry drummer, and Arnetta Johnson on the trumpet.  The show was amazing as Jack was dancing and walking on a moving treadmill as the big screen plays video.  The first song was Bummerland, followed by Karma and 3 O’Clock Things.  As the night moves on Arnetta comes to the front of the stage while the music video plays, she starts playing a trumpet solo.  She begins walking on the moving treadmill while items were falling and coming towards her from the screen playing behind.  The crowd cheers as AJR introduces her.

As the night wines down AJR passes around an actual button, one that resembles the one on the screen at the beginning of the show.  With that being said the button sets off an explosion of a grand finale, the screenplays a short film that looks as though the band is underwater while confetti is falling.

What a night it has been and what a phenomenal performance. All the time and effort that went into set up the skites and the moving treadmill. This is one of the best live shows I’ve seen. 

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