November 10, 2016

     Charlotte Vans Warped Tour 2016 took place in its usual spot the PNC Music Pavilion. Right near the middle of Summer the day started off hot and continued to melt everyone that attended. The chaos is what fuels this tour and it always has. It is also a chance for a younger crowd to get to see multiple bands for a better price and to have their parent’s supervision.

    Pyro Ohio was my first stop of the day. Playing on the Journey’s Right Foot stage, it was in the shade and there were multiple people there to enjoy.  Watching people that have never seen them before become interested in their music was a lot of fun. After they finished I ventured to my next location which was the Monster Energy Stages North and South to capture the wrath of From Ashes To New and Ice Nine Kills. If you have ever seen From Ashes to New you know their energy is crazy and they are a fun band with lots of jumping! Never seeing Ice Nine kills before I was thoroughly impressed with their sound and stage presence. The lead singer has a distinct look and interacted well with the crowd. Just from seeing them once it was easy to see they could play for anyone and make them want more. When they were finished it was time to catch another band, gotta catch em all right?

    As much as a break was needed from the heat and sun there was no time. If there was any band on Vans Warped Tour that everyone wanted to see it was Issues and they were next. They played on the Journeys Right Foot Stage and by topping the hill of the Amphitheatre you could see their stacks of colorful Pokémon amps. They open up with their cover of the Pokémon theme song and it could not have been more perfect. What better way to bring people together then to play a classic song from our childhood. The bassist was on fire! I mean not literally but he was all over the place. The rest of the band was having fun and enjoying the hordes of people joining in.

   Cane Hill was one of bands that I was really excited to see again. They were put on the smallest stage and the crowd they had was minimal but that did not hinder their performance. Their lyrics are strong and meaningful. They have a lot to say and a lot to prove. I encourage you all strongly to check them out.

   Around 4:00 that day I gathered myself under the pavilion and tried to get my head right to take pictures of two of my absolute favorite bands Whitechapel and Motionless in White. Walking over to the stages the sky was almost black and I knew the rain was coming. As I arrived to the stage security turned me away. The stages were shut down because a huge storm was coming. They hurried everyone over to the Journey’s stages and encouraged everyone to stay there until the storm had past. It was a down pour, loud thunder and crazy lightning. At this moment it was time for Sum 41 to go on stage. I honestly think if it had been any other band the security for the tour would not have been able to convince everyone to huddle together so tightly under the covering. Sum 41 really brought everyone together. The crowd was wet and wild. It was a cool moment and I am glad I got to witness it. Shortly after the set the storm clouds parted and it was on! Everything else throughout the day went on without a hitch. The best part about it was it actually cooled off a little bit afterwards to.

   Seeing so many bands in one day was a lot of fun but the heat definitely took away from the experience. So many people were huddle in shaded areas trying to escape the sun. The best place to be was under the Pavilion in the shade but by hanging there you miss a lot of bands. I suffered from false eyelash loss and a complete make up melt down but all in all it was a good day. If you were not sticky, gross, and sore the next day then you did not go to Vans Warped Tour in Charlotte.

Signing off, your favorite metal chick CoentheButcher aka Coen Beck